Tactics of Desire: A Perscription for the Explorer, the Fisherman, the Fish (2022)

Through re-animating a personal narrative, this audiovisual texture tries to point out the touristic gaze and various layers of exploitative relations between the guest and the host, human and non-human. And also question the so-called urge of nature’s taxonomy and systematic knowledge of it. 

“This actually happened. I was searching in many places in Bandar abbas, Qeshm, and henagm island for a  specific fish I had eaten once on Kish Island during an animation festival. Our hosts were all trying to find or capture the fish for us.  I didn’t recall its name until ten minutes before arriving back in the capital Tehran. It was evolutionarily staring at us with both eyes on the same side. “

This work was premiered on April 2022 in Podroom Gallery in the Cultural Center of Belgrade during the exhibition “The other side of Water”.

Photo: Nemanja Knežević
Photo: Angelina Kačunković
Photo: Nemanja Knežević