Analyt (2017)

In collaboration with Barbora Svehlakova

# Gestalt psychology argues that the whole is different than its parts, not greater than this common misunderstanding persists among psychologists. We must find some tools to dismantle it.
# For centuries we have manipulated other entities in a vacuum-like laboratory where nature or the environment was one of the elements.
# The geopolitics also occupy our bodies, our minds. It allows oil analysis, climate change, and the reasons for our procrastination.
# Emptiness
# Nature never stands outside of us.
# capitalism is not an economic system; it’s a way of organizing nature, “can not be saved or destroyed, only transformed * geological depletion *
# we can only refer about representation

The video works with a metaphor of mined mine as a state of unconsciousness, where questions arise of connecting the landscape of our body with the landscape around us. The human ecosystem relies on an interconnected network that could hardly be labeled as equal. The video asks many questions, ranging from social solidarity through ecology to the possibilities and impotence of politics and psychology.