Sitting Bodies Act (2014-2015)

Documenting Tehran’s social movements during a specified period of time, within a frame contrasting to the common way of photographing such social and civil movements. (This project is still ongoing and in progress).

Furthermore, the collection represents a self-portrait of the author from behind a device which involve a significant amount of her time and social and work dealings. My laptop screen, my personal Facebook profile, and all the tabs that were actually open in the browser while capturing the photos, they’re all narrators. A self-portrait story of my civil acts and social presence in a seated position. What’s viewed in the collection so far, are my selection from a group of posts regarding events that had filled my news feed page for a certain period of time, most of which have a humorous approach to the story.



  • The absurd poster designed for the annual Fajr theater festival which received a lot of controversy, protest and libel from the theater and design society.


  • A campaign to keep Iran’s popular football coach in position despite the government’s pressure to cancel his contract.


  • Reaction to the prohibition of using former Iran’s president image or name in the media, which led to people sharing more pictures of him on social networks.



  • The remarkable and naturally comical hope and anticipation among us all for the nuclear negotiations.



  • Posts and campaigns regarding the prohibition of women’s entrance in the stadium during Iran’s volleyball matches.