Some Absolute Responsible Methods for Cleansers (2019)




The fanaticism of purity and putting it against impurity by units of power, creates a situation which leads to a systematic and comprehensive effort to eliminate any assumed pollutant element. This initially justified elimination for reaching unity can potentially turn into a hidden or even apparent fascism. As Michael Mann suggests in his book Fascists, there are several ingredients to define the word Fascism.To name a few: meager tolerance of cultural and political diversity, enthusiasm for the supreme state and the leadership principle, and the promise to transcend class conflicts. The corollary of these ingredients is a commitment to purge the social body of impurities.

This “purification” process can occur in favor of homogeneity, which then results in the objectification of the concept of purism. In other words, in order for the concept to be measurable, one has to define a secondary value for measuring pureness, which will create a considerable problematic.

 “Some Absolute Responsible Methods for Cleansers” reaches for several approaches/methods/tools for cleansing/purification to represent and explore the subjective and undetermined essence of the concept, in both material and transcendent (or divine) senses of the word. Using the tool of elimination might turn to the subject of deletion itself in the process of cleaning, or act as complementary/deviatoric for the procedure.

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