Deleting in the most present continuous phase (2015)

“deleting in it’s most present continuous phase” is a video installation, an animation installation more specifically, designed in correspondence with a cell phone’s message inbox space.         The work’s objective atmosphere and it’s multi-dimensional occurrence tends to simulate a space (inbox) that is physically impossible to be in . An unfamiliar world [...]

De/Attach (2015)

    This performance art was announced as a live music session with two musicians performing. The audience are not aware of their presence in a performance art when they enter the gallery. Once inside, the audience join the  game of attachment and detachment.         The splitting of the hammer sounds and [...]

White Note (2018)

White note is a live audiovisual experiment that uses footage from a documentary aiming to introduce Nudem Durak. A Kurdish female singer who was arrested sentenced to 15 years in prison by Turkish government in 2015 for promoting the Kurdish culture. This documentary was made right before her imprisonment and the subtitles are an explanation [...]